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They will either skip it altogether or perhaps replace all USB 2 ports with USB 3 ones (thus keeping TB as the "advanced" FW equivalent)... Playing that game with the HDMI dongle thingy hanging off an i Pad looks, um, not ideal. Just wish I could run this on my Original Ipad :( Will this work over Airplay with the Apple TV, obviously in 720p?

The logical thing would to mirror the recent MBP refresh. Once they enable the use of other i OS devices as wireless controllers then i'll be interested.

When I sit down at my MP the OS seems like an one made for actual grown-up, serious adults. Nobody is going anywhere when they are at their PC.

I really dont think they would include USB 3.0 ports until Ivy Bridge. And just like that, Apple has snuck itself into the living room game console biz. : D Get this on all i OS devices with the A5 and integrated with the new Apple TV with the A5 and Air Play and WOW!!!

I recall some of the naysayers around here not even a year ago stating that such a device would never be suitable for gaming. Not just games either, I think apps on the Apple TV will be some sort of hybrid between devices and you will be able to Air Play the apps to your TV! :cool:yeah, they will have a camera built in so they can film the new ipod commercials using us unsuspecting living room dancers as the subject: D Okay, let's skip the camera.

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The example of the lift buttons is already present in the OS anyway, for example the arrows on a scrollbar. I think that would would fill a gap Apple has in their consumer line-up right now. I bet they will release a version this fall to commemorate it, if not a special edition of some kind.

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    More A team from the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University in China has demonstrated the ability to 3D print a complex 1:1 liver model for surgical planning purposes for less that .

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