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He won't stay after any event is over for any of the socializing that often follows.

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Girls who feel attracted to that kind of guys have no personality whatsoever. I think you should always be yourself no matter what. It only becomes a problem when you isolate yourself completely.

Have a nice day Bert, Just from my personal experience - people are often very competitive.

She ends up either going alone (and feeling stupid/unwanted) or no going (and feeling that she's missing out.)He won't even give up an evening or two a couple times a year to attend these things with her. For the past few years, he has been coming home from work, eating, and then spending the rest of his evening in his "man cave". I'm not saying that you'd do this, just providing feedback of why some women would be concerned to be with a loner.

I am an extremely shy woman and I actually prefer a man who is also shy and a loner.

Honestly, Like I said earlier it’s a privilege to be a Loner. Don’t expect from us flaunting love on facebook or on any other social media site. Like, Going for long drives, cooking meals together, good music, deep and long conversation, talking about topics you’ve not even discovered yet are the few things, you’ll be surprise to see in Us. at the same time.keeping ourselves available for you all the time, help you to develop skills like Patience (the greatest key to almost anything & everything) With Patience comes Perseverance handy.

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    I’d been annoyed that Jenny had left dirty dishes in the sink and a half-eaten chocolate bar on the kitchen counter for two days straight.

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