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Needless to say, philosophy plays a big role in their religion.

After having leafed through the magazine ], he noticed a few things.

"Everyone can become a Greek national, we don't want to impose anything on the individual, we don't ask them to join our religion, for example," he insists. Georges is actually referring to the time where the Roman Emperor Theodosius I reigned, between 379 and 395.

What happens after death is a philosophical question." Georges expresses himself in Greek with hints of Ancient Greek: "What interests us is the most perfect and excellent life." For him, "Christianity transformed values into shame.

Sex is still taboo, whilst in ancient Greece that was not the case." In the end, polytheism doesn't impose rules on one's daily life, but merely gives suggestions to practical questions using ancient Greek philosophies.

He proudly shows an image of what will soon be a mosaïc depicting Dionysus on his i Phone.

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    No minor shall remain in or on any public place or establishment in the Township after hours unless such minor is accompanied by a parent or is on an errand under the direction of the parent or unless the minor is engaged in gainful lawful employment, in which case the minor shall carry written identification and evidence of employment.

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