As she was doing this almost every school term, the workers at Van Lane Textile factory singled her out to solve their problems with factory bosses.

She later became Shop steward, and increased her involvement in representing and articulating the grievances of the workers.

The Inn and Barns Accommodation are situated in the Bartington Green Conservation area.

The area covers only 2.04 hectares and is the smallest conservation area in the Vale Royal Borough.

So, Say Navcar- Freedom On Wheels & Travel, Enjoy, Explore and Enrich your Experiences! Navcar established a self-drive car rental service launched by Mr Suresh Jain who has been fascinated about cars since childhood.

We are a team of enthusiasts, explorers and problem solvers.

George’s Park in September 1905 where supporters rallied round and held a bazaar to clear debts and raise money for a new ground.