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Books 2 – 4 were only ideas when I signed the contract, so I had to write three books from scratch during that time.

Not only that but I had to juggle the books – I was doing copy edits on Mochi Queen, revising Super Sleuth, and writing Drummer Girl.

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What have been the greatest challenges about this project so far?

How has creating these stories stretched you as a writer?

I then spent months reading and studying chapter books by authors I admired (Grace Lin and Kate Messner to name two) before I wrote my first draft. I wanted to tell Jasmine’s story and I’d accomplished that with Mochi Queen.

So having my editor, Grace Kendall, ask me to write a series thrilled me.

As for stretching me as a writer, I think it made me realize that I could work faster. For books 3 and 4, I sent Grace earlier drafts than I would have had I been querying/subbing.