Celebs dating celebs

Will a round of crazy golf and drinks tee her up for love with choreographer Corrie?

There's a look at whether opposites really do attract when actor Tyger Drew-Honey dates modern-day Christian Somto.

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Paisley hands matchmakers Nadia and Eden an ultimatum after her disastrous date with Grant, while Steph's out to lunch with a guy who ticks all the boxes - well, almost.

Tyger's hoping to strike it lucky as he takes his blind date bowling, and Joey's number one fan Marlene goes on a date with another of the celeb clients.

Joey Essex is set up with 21-year-old creative director Natalie, heading to a teriyaki restaurant, but after initially finding Natalie reem, will Joey's date end up a d-reem or a nightmare?

For her second date, Charlotte Crosby is distraught at the matchmakers' choice - butler in the buff Jeavon. And, after finding out that her first date Corrie didn't want to see her again, Paisley Billings is left in tears.

We're all used to the Hollywood "It" couples - the Brangelinas and the Kimyes. Sure, you have to deal with the paparazzi, but then there's all that taking secret vacations to exotic places, enjoying expensive meals, and other cool things that come with celebdom.

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