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The information they provided was summarized in FBI Form FD-302 reports of investigation, which are part of the sealed record.

When he learned that the government intended to use this information against him in connection with possible criminal charges, Ruehle objected and claimed that any statements to the Irell attorneys were protected by his attorney-client privilege.

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On May 18, 2006, Broadcom's Audit Committee engaged Irell, a private law firm with which it had longstanding ties, to conduct the Equity Review by investigating the propriety of the measurement dates utilized by Broadcom in its option granting process and identifying those grants which failed to meet the measurement date requirements of generally accepted accounting principles.

Ruehle, as Broadcom's CFO, was among those intimately involved in that decision from the outset.

It is the substance of these June 2006 interactions that lies at the center of the present dispute.

In late June 2006, Irell advised Ruehle to secure independent counsel with respect to the investigations and the pending civil suits.

Broadcom representatives, including Ruehle, met with Irell lawyers on May 24 and 25, 2006, to discuss the scope of the Equity Review.