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Theres so many nuances that come out that when it - so it takes, you know - pardon my French - it takes a bad-ass actor to cool and compliment their fellow worker in order for them to do their job properly and help excel them and thats what I have in Beth you know what I mean? Earl Dittman: Is anything coming up then - anything coming up from - besides the show for either one of you?

And thats what I have in Christian and my fellow actors on Leverage. So thats why it just looks easy because theyre working hard you know what I mean? I think thats true and I was just going to say theres days - there have been days where, you know, we have to go to work even if were fighting a flu or have fevers or, you know, whatever. Beth Riesgraf: Yes, it is a strange feeling to see that type of aspect, you know, happen - like created in somebody else. And I completely get it because Ive loved, you know, things that much where Ive wanted to cry and its just you are in their living room every week and they see us but we dont see them. Lindsey Jones: Okay, this will be our - oops sorry guys.

Interview with Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge of "Leverage" on TNT 11/7/12 I love "Leverage". The cast is always so nice to speak to on these interviews. And, you know, it all plays into the fact that we do have freedom to help build these characters how we see fit because of the fact that its collaboration. The writers, the producers, and then also the actors to make these, you know, lasting characters and those substantial television figures you know what I mean?

I have a special fondness for Aldis Hodge, who was my first one-on-one interview years ago! (Crosstalk) Lisa Steinberg: Although Kendra has such a brotherly rapport with Eliot; is that something that was originally written for you?

Like were all really good at what we do and even though Christian fights and is like the ultimate weapon when it comes to friendship its like those two guys are really loyal and I think that comes across. And theres also such great chemistry between you Beth and Aldis. We actually tried something that pushed the envelope and it didnt make the final edit. But like the first time we actually hung out in Chicago and done a pilot like we went shopping. And that comfort and that security and faith in your fellow actor really helps a lot when it comes to performing or creating a scene.