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This exchange will also provide comfort to each party knowing that the deed they hold is executed by the opposite party.

HMRC allows community groups or voluntary organisations to register as an ‘umbrella charity’ in relation to Gift Aid – this allows the umbrella charity to receive donations on behalf of another charity, claim the Gift Aid and pass over the donation plus Gift Aid to the nominated organisation (minus a small, previously agreed administration fee).

A Payroll Giving scheme allows you to give regularly to charity from your pay and get tax relief on your gifts.

UK Exempt Charity – Exempt Charities are organisations that do not have to register with the Charity Commission, as they are covered by other statutory instruments.

Examples of exempt charities are faith-based organisations or places of education. UK Excepted Charity - Excepted charities are still under the jurisdiction of the Charity Commission, but do not need to register (either due to a Charity Commission ruling, legislation or because their income is considered as too small).

The scheme applies to cash donations of £20 or less, received after 6 April 2013.