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Last week, the former judge proudly showed off her baby bump in a new campaign photo and video for L' Oreal and The Prince's Trust.Cheryl, 33, cradled her blossoming bump as she spoke about self-worth for the new confidence campaign.Outside a Missouri bar, where the defender and his mates were enjoying a quite drink, the woman confronted the group and told Ashley: 'I hope this stupid a** gets robbed, gets beat, gets raped right here on the motherf****** sidewalk.' She told the publication: 'He didn’t go out much but one night he messaged me from a club and said he wished he was home because all these women were trying it on with him, and he knew it was because of who he was, and not his personality.

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He also talked about his desire to stay in MLS, saying that "It's certainly different in terms of a lifestyle [from Europe] but I still want to win.

And to be able to do it with a big team like LA Galaxy would top it off.

Katie Hind told Mail Online: "Producing an i Phone from her handbag, she pointed to the picture of a good-looking man on her Twitter account, and said: 'Do you know this guy, Ashley Cole? "It came a few years after Cole's divorce from Cheryl in 2010, when he was playing for Chelsea.

"'He follows me and he keeps trying to talk to me on Twitter. "She continued: 'He wants to go out on a date while I'm over here in London. But the hack warned her against dating Cole after reports he had a string of affairs during his marriage to Cheryl.

Set to turn 37 years old later this month, Cole has played for clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea and Roma during his accolade-punctuated career.