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If I feel sad about something, I’m going to call a friend and talk it out. It’s really just about finding myself and being responsible.

Now that this memoir has been released, what’s next for you? I want to continue my public speaking and am also writing a book on sexual healing.

Now 43 years old, a happily married wife and the mother of two children living outside of Durango, Colorado, Otis tells the tale of her journey through the decadence of the 80s and 90s in her new memoir, Does it upset you that so much of the media coverage surrounding this book is about your marriage to Mickey Rourke?

I’d love to say that’s not going on now, but I’m not a great barometer for what’s happening now in the industry.

I do think that in the 80s and 90s, there was sort of this sort of unprecedented fast decadence. You’re getting ready for hair and make-up and people are doing blow off the table.

But at the peak of her fame she was derailed by a nasty eating disorder, drug addiction, and a turbulent tabloid-documented marriage to lifelong bad boy Mickey Rourke.

After getting clean in 1996, Otis reinvented her career by becoming, at age 31, one of the oldest models to appear in the swimsuit issue and the first former supermodel to have success in the plus-size modeling industry.

People used cocaine for weight maintenance, but also as a way of adapting to that lifestyle.