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It is easy to get the IP and other information of everybody in a skype call or chat room at once, and if used in the right way, i could at least tell you were your modem is if you use one.if not then it could be even easier to go straight to your computer. Unless, i guess it could be possible for somebody to moddify their skype and have a small trojan or something "piggyback" their call but you would have to answer.And how many people have told you they tracked you?

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The people can also DOX you, and give out your information, and unless you have a proxy server running, they get your correct details. if you are on an HTTPS network then honestly i guess i wouldnt even try but thats not the way skype works.

im not saying its possible to track everybody cause like with the ISP server, there are things that can get in the way.

But I guess my humor only applies to the rest of the people that commented here..when being cautios.

just sending a small message can be fatal (speaking metaphorically).

My name has nothing to do with anything in my life aside from my name lol.