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From what I heard from someone who watched it, nothing like this was ever discussed on the show.

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It's my stomach." Another thing they talked about was one of them would get grounded but not the other. "You have to wear blinders and ear plugs for the next week while Brittany watches tv."? I'd really like to know how that no-armed girl on Tosh wipes.

Does she just have a special toilet paper set-up on the wall and just backs into it like bears do on trees to scratch their backs?

For example, when they were children, their parents said that one liked milk and the other didn't, and the reverse was true for orange juice, so one got milk with meals and the other got orange juice, and they both got their vitamins.

There was another incident where one of them had an ear infection but threw up the antibiotic every time she took it, so they gave it to the other one and she had no problems with it.

I watched it a couple of times but it was just too strange. He slurs, walks with a cane, and his limbs are slightly contorted.