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The internet can be a helpful support tool for victims of domestic violence to find information and share their stories. Use a gender-neutral user name on websites and do not share personal information.

You can find many websites devoted to domestic violence by using an online search engine, but the quality and intent of the sites you find have to be determined by you. S., guns are often the weapons of choice for abusers, used in over 50% of all cases of domestic violence homicides.

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However, the stranger abducts her and brands her thigh with the letter "X".

Then he brings Julia and a corpse of a woman in his truck to dump the body in the middle of nowhere.

See full summary ยป Julia is a young woman dating a stranger that she met on the Internet in a bar.

Out of the blue, she decides to leave the man and goes to the parking lot.

Plagued with frightening hallucinations, they must figure out the bed's ...